Closing of our Home

Today we close on our house.
Up until today it was our home.

Our “forever home”
Our “grow old together home”
Our “dream home”

I remember sitting in our first house and staying up until all hours of the night sketching out house plans on notebook paper with a #2 pencil. Making plans to raise TWO kids in (now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who ya are). We finally decided on the perfect plan and it was “us”. We planned to be here forever. It’s been the most beautiful season. We’ve planted grass, flowers, trees and many memories here. We’ve poured out blood, sweat, tears and many prayers. Those walls have seen laughter, anguish, love, tempers, forgiveness, grace, pranks, and worship. Those floors have been walked many of nights with teething babies. 2 babies took their first steps there. It’s been beautiful.

Gosh, this year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Ups and downs and sometimes I felt like I was skidding in sideways ?
But today there is peace. I’ve allowed myself to feel the sadness for leaving my family and best friends for a season. I’ve allowed myself to grieve things that will never be the same after today.

I’m so glad because now – today – I feel so READY! I feel ready to be released from this area! I’ve allowed my wings to be clipped over and over here. I’m ready to flipping FLY! I’m ready to just BE ME. To not face the harsh judgment that comes with living in the same town you grew up in as a rebel child ?
To RUN! In every way! Spiritually, mentally, PHYSICALLY! Run free!

Today I’m proud! My kids are going to have an experience of a lifetime and someday will realize it took their Mom and Dad some serious guts to do such a thing! They are going to see what happens when you go against the flow of the stream. It’s a bit of a fight. You will look odd, but the growth, the fun, the VIEW is exhilarating! Like nothing you could ever see swimming the same direction as all the other fish.

Today I am thankful to tears. I was born a free spirit and I married the son of a milk farmer. Our oil and water combo has catapulted into the most beautiful firework show of passionate love for Jesus, one another, our children and LIVING!

I did NOTHING to deserve this. I’m just grateful God gave me ears to hear Him and blessed by the ones always reminding me to listen to His voice.

His voice led us here …


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