Live Free

Live FREE? Sounds weird, yet appealing. Too good to be true, right? To live free is a dream for everyone. It was a priority to us.

How the heck do we afford to live?! We get this question a lot. No, we didn’t strike it rich, “fall into money” or hit the jack pot! I mean, I wouldn’t complain if we did 😉 – but that’s not our story. I, Laine found myself in a rough chapter of life, turned to natural supplementation and a business was birthed. Here is my story:

Click here to learn more about the products along with my friends’ stories or here to hear our comp plan. The video below is the Diamond Documentary that inspired us to not only run with this business – but to full-time travel!

You can check out Plexus Worldwide on YT as well by clicking here. ❤️?

We are always open to answer any and all questions y’all have about how and why this works.

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