This isn’t what I thought…

Pulling out of here
Isn’t what I thought
It isn’t the sense of freedom
That we have aggressively sought
My heart is heavy
My mind is racing
Are we doing the right thing?
Hauling our life behind this Chevy
Chason’s crying for Dawson
And I’m having flashbacks of life
Not the house, but the people
Not the things, but the memories
Driving down this curvy road
Makes it official
We won’t get that chapter back
Just like that it’s over
Every miles got me gasping
I’ve never felt homesick in my life
But right now I do
Right now I’m scared
Sleepless nights and being strong
Is taking its toll on me
Tears escape
Sadness come and go
Because even through this gut wrenching
I know that I know
God called us to this
He has a plan
So I’ll surrender it all
I’ll let go and trust
I’ll make it a great adventure
But just for a moment
I needed a grieve the end of a chapter

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