None of Them Were Right…

I dreamed last night we had to buy a different fifth wheel.
I don’t know why – but there were rows and rows of them and I was needing to pick “the one”.
I couldn’t.
None of them were right.

There were brand new ones and remodeled ones. Cute ones and ugly ones. There were salesmen getting impatient with me. I was allowed to pick whatever I wanted – for free. But I couldn’t pick one. I couldn’t find ONE that felt right. There were random people that I knew popping up throughout the dream – wondering what choice I was going to make.

But I still couldn’t pick one.
None of them were right.

You see I LOVE our fifth wheel

> side note: when we pulled up to it after church earlier, Chason said “we’re home!” Blessed me. <

I love it. I think I say it multiple times a day. But it’s not the camper. It’s the people. That’s why I couldn’t pick. They were just a bunch of empty shells. My fifth wheel has my heart because of the memories already created. The growth that has occurred here. The love that happens here. The ministry that dwells here.

It’s not the house – It’s the people.
It’s not the town – It’s the people.
It’s not the job – It’s the people.
It’s not the church – It’s the people.

You see?

Things are meaningless without the PEOPLE. Truly meaningless.

Let’s talk about those “empty shells”. That’s the other part God was speaking through this dream. Are we empty shells? Because we can look good. We can talk good. We can even mean good. But if Jesus isn’t all up in there – we are no good. We are not good to people. I STRONGLY DESIRE to bless people, so I want to make sure my shell is FULL!

This life continues to break me down. Continues to pull back layers of materialism, love for wrong things, selfish desires and wrong priorities ——- to get to the core of my soul and what God wants to do with it.

I ask Him to speak to me.
I ask Him to convict me.
I ask Him to give me dreams.

And He did – and I thank Him

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