How Much?it Costs a Family of 6 to Live & Travel Fulltime in an RV | PLUS RV Expenses & Budget Tips

We think you will be surprised how much we can live on!!! We get so many questions about how much it costs to live FULL Time in an RV. And its a HUGE question we had ourselves before we started this journey! So after months of what we have experienced we have created our RV Costs of Living vlog along with our expenses and budget ideas or tips. We go through our costs for each expense we have every single month and also share with you our total for 1 month of RV living! Such as:

Camprounds -$243

Fuel-$733 Groceries-$630


Entertainment- (I FORGOT TO INCLUDE IN THE VIDEO) $274


Dump Stations-$20

Cell plan-$228

Health Ins-$280

Car/RV/Life Ins-$180


TOTAL = $2933

Hope y’all enjoy our vlogs!!

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