Likes/Dislikes – Favs/NonFavs –The 10 Question RV Challenge

We have been challenged by another RV Channel called Wandering Weekends to complete the 10 question RV Challenge. Where we answer 10 questions about RV Living and the RV Lifestyle. Here is a list of those questions:

1: If you could change or add one thing about your RV what would it be?
2: What is something you didn’t expect about RV’ing?
3: What was your deciding factor for an RV?
4: What is your favorite camp meal?
5: What is your must-see RV destination?
6: What is your favorite thing about RV’ing?
7. What is your least favorite thing about RV’ing?
8: What is a must-have on your next RV?
9: What is your favorite adult beverage at camp?
10: What is your favorite INDOOR RV accessory?



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