RV Driving over Hoover Dam | Jeep Towing Issue | High CA Fuel & 55MPH Limit

We sure didn’t expect to get to drive our RV over Hoover Dam! Nor did we expect to get our RV and Jeep inspected by Dam Security. We also did expect to have to park so far away and detached the Jeep to drive to a closer parking lot. We didn’t expect to have to pay $40 to enter the visitor center! And lastly we didn’t expect to be blown away by the Hoover Dams size and beauty! So many incredible features for its time and era of construction!

After leaving Hoover Dam we head to California when the gas & diesel fuel prices are sky high! So we made sure and filled our RV & Jeep up in Arizona! Plus we learned that RVs towing an auto or trailer or more than 2 axles can’t exceed the sped limit of 55 MPH!

And lastly we notice the Jeep tires chirping when entering the highway after a pit stop and I inspect what’s going on.

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