Laine’s Fear of Overpasses – Our 1st Harvest Hosts & Our Slide gets Stuck

We arrive at our 1st Harvest Hot in Austin TX @ Austin Orchards! It was a beautiful little farm just outside of Austin city limits. After we arrive and start to get set up I notice the kids RV slides aren’t going out all the way and go to inspect the problem. Turns out the bumps we hit on the roads while traveling caused the cabinet doors to open and stuff fell out between the slides. So getting into the bunkhouse with the slides stuck was quite interesting and funny! We also discuss Laine’s hate for highway overpasses and going on them which is also very funny! We head into Austin to hang out the a subscriber and eat at Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts. Hope y’all enjoy our vlogs!! Please hit subscribe and LIKE & leave us a comment!

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