EPIC Florida Everglades Tour w/Down South Airboat Tours | RV Fulltime Family of Six

This was our very first time on an Airboat and in the Florida Everglades! We really didn’t know what to expect other than hoping to see some Alligators!! But, what we got was so much more! This was a real tour like someone inviting you to their house and showing you around and pointing out all the little details! Our guide Carl with Down South Airboat Tours was amazing and gave us so much information about the Everglades, from the Gators, to Birds, grass, plants, trees, Native Americans, areas history and so much more! It was so educational, something we didn’t expect but LOVED!

We traveled over 16 Miles into the Everglades and We got to see well over 20 Alligators, 2 of which we’re fighting! In one area called “the swimming hole” (because locals actually swim there ?) there was 10 or more Gators just in that one spot!

If you are ever wanting to take a Tour of the Florida Everglades on an Airboat then go with Down South Airboat Tours! It’s a private tour, unlike most Airboat Tours in the Everglades where they cram 20 people on a boat! We will do this again someday and can’t wait! My most favorite memory of our RV Living in Florida!


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