DITL SAHD | Solo RV Living Dad with 3 Kids while Mommy is Away

Laine went on a cruise for 3 days with Gabriel, so it was just me and the 3 big kids for 3 whole days RV Living in our 5th wheel. We lived life to the fullest and made memories we will never forget! However it was not always easy! I’m a horrible cook ?‍? and so we didn’t eat the healthiest ? but we went to the Everglades Alligator ?Farm, stopped by the World Famous Robert is Here fruit ?stand, got soaked ? on an Airboat ride and drove to the Florida Keys for the day and watched the sunset ?. I gained a new appreciation and respect for the SAHM & the SAHD after the 3 days was over! Life works much better for us as a team! A wolf pack we like to call ourselves! Thanks for watching!

Where we stayed: ⛺️


Places we went:

https://everglades.com ??

https://www.robertishere.com ? ?

https://robbies.com ? ?

Real Everglades Airboat Tour: https://youtu.be/ypeB-3SjGeg

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