Visiting Mayberry & Why We LOVE “THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW”// Full-Time RV Family

To say that we were excited to go to Mt. Airy, North Carolina (Mayberry) could be an understatement! Ever since my childhood, I have grown up watching The Andy Griffith Show and it always brings back the fondest memories with my family! Now as a father I pass that love for this show down to my kids! We watch TAGS everyday, yes EVERYDAY!! And no matter how much we watch an episode like “the Loaded Goat” we still laugh our heads off! And the life lessons, morals, values, friendship, love for your neighbor, is rare to find on today’s TV ?! Which is why The Andy Griffith show will always remain timeless! Young or Old I haven’t meet to many people who don’t love the show!

So tell us what is your favorite episode? The loaded goat, the haunted house, Barney and the Choir are just a few of our favorites! Tell us yours in the comments below!

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