RV PROBLEMS: Getting on a Ferry, Google Maps Low Clearance & RV Parking

We sadly left one of our favorite campgrounds, the Saline County Fish & Wildlife Area (link below), where everything seemed to finally click and we fully embraced this RV Life!!

We headed down to Cave-In-Rock (link below) and visited the area briefly before crossing the Ohio River by Ferry into Kentucky! However we had a problem with the length of our 5th wheel and the angle of the road getting onto the ferry was a little to steep! Might want to cover your ears!!

We discuss the “SHAKEDOWN” and what it has meant to us!!

Laine finds this amazing place to eat in Princeton KY called Adams Breezy Hills Farm (link below) where we ate the Nutter Butter Bacon Burger. But their parking was not quite suitable for a 60’ truck and 5th wheel!

And lastly as we start to drive into the night Google Maps takes me down a street with a low clearance bridge which I barely realized before disaster struck!! Had to stop traffic and back up in the dark about 100 yards to another street to turn around!

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