Celebrating 10k Subscribers & We Answer Your Questions

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU ? to each and everyone one of our subscribers! It’s because of you we have reached this big milestone for LPO6! So many of you have reached out and sent us wonderful encouraging messages and appreciation for us sharing our lives, travels, tips and tricks with you!!

You have also sent us some great questions so we wanted to answer those in this Q&A!! Below is a time stamp of the different questions if you want to skip ahead to a certain question.

1:27 All in knowing nothing or did we do tons of research?

2:11 At what point did we start looking at trucks and RVs?

2:48 What do we know now that we wish we would have known from the beginning?

4:22 RV Honeymoon stage still and any do-overs?

5:23 Homeschool routine video?

5:40 Must haves to not look like a greasy mess while boondocking?

6:39 Favorite meals while boondocking?

7:36 Whats been our biggest argument while RVing?

9:50 How do we make coffee while boondocking?

10:39 While Boondocking how to you charge your phones, devices, etc.?

11:28 How do we get our mail and packages?

12:25 If we could change anything on our RV to make it more functional?

12:53 How do we keep our kids from getting too rowdy in the RV?

13:35 How do we conserve water while boondocking?

14:33 How often do we go to the grocery store?

15:08 How do we get work done while in close proximity to the kids all day?

17:25 How do we budget to maintain this RV Lifestyle?

18:57 How do we choose what church to attend while traveling?

20:15 Have we considered forming a network of fans and friends as we travel the US?

21:20 How long will we be RVing?

22:00 How do we like Homeschooling?

22:10 Whats been our favorite adventure so far?

22:49 What does our family think of us living in an RV?

24:00 Biggest surprise of RV living that we didn’t expect?

25:12 Will our kids want to play sports once older and how we will handle that?

26:19 Do we plan on boondocking a lot?

26:49 What are our travel plans this year?

28:14 Do we have a mapped route?

28:28 Do we have any memberships like Thousand Trails?

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