Truck Overheats ? in Tennessee Mountains // No One Stops to HELP // RV Living Stressful or Blessing

To be completely honest we have had our fair share of stressful moments since beginning our RV Living Lifestyle!! This video is another of those times!

Going up a very steep and narrow road in the Tennessee Mountains ⛰ heading to a campground ⛺️ we overheat the engine and transmission to the point of having to stop on the side of the mountain to let it cool off! I was stressed to say the least! If I would have done my homework before taking this road, we would not have been in this situation! Also, as we wait for the truck to cool down, many people passed us on this small road and only 1 stopped to check on us! Which added to my frustration, even though I know they couldn’t have helped, it’s the neighborly, friendly, kind thing to do. So it convinced me that staying in this area was not something we wanted to do anymore!

However, we counted our Blessings and realized we really are too Blessed to be Stressed! In John 10:10 Jesus says that our enemy has come to destroy us BUT He has come to give us a Full & Abundant Life!

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