To my Gabriel Paul

This is my biggest accomplishment
The best thing I’ve ever done
Growing a baby inside of my womb
That now I call son
Nothing else matters in the moment
The moment you take your first breath
It’s in that moment you take a piece of me
It’s always in that moment I think of Jesus death
The love of a parent is nothing
That can be explained
But Mary knew
And what she gave up, we gained
God’s love is immeasurable
Unfathomable, unfavorable
But it’s because of His love
That I am ABLE
I am able to grow you, nourish you
To experience pain with determination
To know when to breath
Know when to bare down and station
I am able to watch you leave my womb
And feel you enter my arms
I am able to organically nurture you
From worldly harms
I have all that I need to care for you well
I have a beautiful sensation when your body I smell
I am able to direct you
And that I will
If only I could make
This sweet time stand still
I would stay here a little while
Memorizing the way you feel
But time doesn’t stop
Not when there is a death or newborn alive
So since it will continue without pause
Gabriel I will strive
I will strive to love you well
But there will be times I fail
So I will guide you to stand on His promises
To nurture your heart, soul and mind with His love
To love others well
Never being below or above
I will teach you to be bold in your faith
To be your own mold
To find the key to unlock
The adventure He has planned for you to unfold
My love for you is completely insane
Insane, really…like I can’t explain
I want to run with you and laugh with you
We will dance in the rain
You will learn quickly
That your Momma is a little crazy ?
We will not go with the flow
We will stop to pick a daisy
We will love hard
We will do us
It will be different
And not just because
There is a reason behind our freedom
There is a passion behind our drive
I want you to experience a life
A life that you choose to live ALIVE
My Gabriel Paul
Your name means “God is my strength”
As I’m dreaming of your life
There is no boundary. No length.
My heart overflows
At the thought of your story
I am already praising God
Giving Him the glory
You are a quiver in your father’s bow

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