If I go to the altar, they’ll think I’ve done something wrong.

If I raise my hands in worship, they’ll think that I think I’m “holier than Thou.”

If I go out like (no make up, clothes I woke up in) this they’ll think I’m depressed.

If I title myself as a network marketer, they’ll write me off.

If I carry her into school, they’ll think I spoil her.

If I don’t take the drink, they’ll think I’m judging them because they do.

If I seek counsel, they’ll think I must be a big disaster.

If I tell them my income, they’ll judge my motives.

If I slip up and cuss, they’ll think I’m a sinner.

If I stand against abortion, they’ll group me with haters.

If I talk about my postpartum depression, they’ll think my faith was weak.

If I don’t deny it, they’ll believe it.

If I cry, I’m weak.

If I sell everything I own and take my family on a trip around the world with no plan or destination other than listening to God to give me the next step, they’ll think I’m an irresponsible parent.

So many stigmas. So many I used to be controlled by. I’ve renamed them. They are ALL “lies of the enemy”. So many of us live under his control without realizing it.

God has MORE for us! He calls us to live a life of FREEDOM! Complete and total freedom! Do you know what that is? Do you know how that feels?! He longs for you to! Don’t waste another day living controlled by lies from the enemy. LIVE BY THE TRUTHS AND PROMISES written by your Father!

Each of these things ☝? I have CONQUERED in the last 2 years. They have ZERO control over me. Done. Dog. Digity.
I don’t owe anyone an explanation and if they judge me for that it’s on THEM. I played with my babies all morning, that’s why I look like this. I carried her in because she asked me to and one day she won’t. I raise my hands because the Spirit overwhelms me and I want to PRAISE my Father all out! The list goes on! My grandma calls me her “little shit” all the time and I love it. I am successful in my business. Im so proud I allowed God to open my mind to it. And I enjoy having A drink with my man from time to time, but I’ve been ?? or nursing for like a decade now, so…….

It has been a JOURNEY of digging deeper and hasn’t always been easy. But the freedom my heart has found and am still finding is opening my eyes so much! I want MORE! So I’ll continue to step out and be REAL! And share this freedom that He desires us all to have. Our journeys and convictions and all of that will differ and that’s okay! But who are you living for? Who are you trying to impress? Who? I still have to ask myself that.

Think about it. Are you controlled by what others think? Are you living life like everyone around you or are you living the life you are CALLED to?

Sorry, just got a little preach in me today.

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