Motorhome VS 5th Wheel! Which is Right for YOUR FAMILY? Storage, Living Space, Cost, & Maintenance!

In our 1 1/2 years of Fulltime RV Living, we have owned both a 5th Wheel and Class A Motorhome! Last year we made the switch into the Motorhome and since then we have got a lot of questions from Families who are looking into Fulltime RV Living about the Key Differences between the 5th Wheel and Motorhome. We never even considered buying a Motorhome when we started RVing so what changed? I figured it was time to make a video to discuss this hot topic. We used our good friends Remmington and Haley Holt’s 5th wheel to highlight some of the pros and cons to a 5th wheel. And of course, used our Motorhome as its contender. Some of the main points that we discuss is Storage, Living Space, Cost, Maintenance and more!! There are great features that both RVs have and both have negatives. Finding the perfect RV is very difficult and sometimes impossible. Hopefully this video will help you in determining which RV is Best for your Family!

Special Thanks to The Holt’s RVolt for allowing us to use their 5th wheel in the video!

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