Laine’s 1st Time Driving/Towing the 5th Wheel // Fulltime RV Living Family of 6

Laine gets behind the wheel for the 1st time and tows our home on wheels with the big 1 ton Chevy!! But she has some requirements and those are NO OVERPASSES (she hates them!) and she sets her own speed!! Aint no cruise control going to tell her how fast she can go LOL!! Plus we head farther west and have difficulty finding a place due to it being Spring Break. So we skip the plans we had in San Antonio and go on toward Big Bend! I also discuss all the questions about our water heater issue and why we have a black spot on the RV that looks like a fire happened.. but it didn’t!! Thanks for watching and make sure you HIT THE LIKE BUTTON, TELL US HELLO DOWN BELOW AND SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already!!

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