I Reconsider RV Living | Going back HOME | Stress of Moving & Travel Days

Yes I wonder sometimes “What the heck am I doing in this RV Living Life and I think about going back to Sticks and Bricks!

We made it back to our home state of Missouri to spend the Holidays with family BUT it didn’t go as we hoped trying to get set up on my parents farm!

Travel /Moving Days are stressful for me! Because this is our home! What if I mess up and we can’t live in our home? I question if RV Living is right for us at times when things like this happens and it seems to happen a lot! It’s not always easy and things do go wrong! But we believe we was called to this life and we will push through the hard times!

The 5th wheel was dragging on the highway trying to pull in the driveway so we had to get creative and fill in the low spots to get our back end high enough off the ground! After 3 attempts we finally got it u the driveway and set up!

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