Hiking FAIL in Grand Teton National Park //Bear Encounter @ Hidden Falls & Jenny Lake

We finally made it to the Grand Teton National Park after fixing our Overheating RV problem. And we waste no time hitting the trail to Hidden Falls near Jenny Lake! Its the prettiest waterfall in the Jackson Hole / Grand Tetons area. It was suppose to be an easy hike so we thought but it was a challenge from the start. Laine forgot her hiking shoes, we had a Bear encounter in which I (Michael) did not handle it appropriately with my family! Then by the time we make it to Hidden Falls 3 miles later, its getting dark and cold and we was not prepared for the hike back. So luckily we was able to take the Ferry back across Jenny Lake. Needless to say we are not seasoned hikers and we FAIL at it A LOT!! BUT…Its just another adventure that LPO6 will not forget!

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