Do We MISS the 5th wheel? / More Overheating & Boondocking @ Flaming Gorge

More Mountains to Climb, More Overheating, A very bumpy road, a Surprise visit and do we miss our 5th wheel? Planning your routes or at least checking your route is an important part of RV Travel! On this trip to Flaming Gorge I waited till the last minute and then realized we was headed on an extremely curvy and uphill mountain road (Scenic Hwy 191) that many people on blogs have said is not fun to travel on with an RV! However it’s either we go for it or skip Flaming Gorge. We decided to go for it and detach the Jeep to make the uphill climb easier. However, after things starting off well on the way up the mountain it quickly changed. The RV overheated 2 times on us and caused us to pull over to let it cool off. But eventually we did make it up the mountain and the rest of the way to our boondocking spot was easy. BUT then we got to the road to take us to our camping spot and it was over 5 miles of a dusty, washboarded, narrow gravel road. Where I met a camper coming out and we was so close to each other! Then our surprise came which was my sister and her family and we spent the next 3 days just enjoying our time together. Plus Laine and I share our thoughts on if we miss the 5th wheel or not after being around my sisters. Thanks for watching everyone!!

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Flaming Gorge:…

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