Dear Messy Mom…

Messy Mom,
Accept it girl. You’re just not “her”. You know, the woman in your life that you can walk into her home at any given moment and everything is in its place and it smells of lemon and lavender. Now, she is beautifully and wonderfully made and God put something special in her. Don’t despise her. She is more precious than rubies. But SO ARE YOU!

See this mess?! The kids went outside in their JAMMIES  and boots this morning to catch a frog in the rain. Guess what? No frog. The boots are still there on this dirty towel and the missing boot…….Chason is wearing around the house. I haven’t cleaned yet today. Instead I’ve watched Jungle Book, made 2 sets of snacks plus breakfast and lunch and I’ve tickled Layla’s little arm while rocking her. I wasn’t too busy for that moment that doesn’t happen as often as it used to

God made me how I am. Some days I go on a cleaning frenzy and most afternoons about 30 minutes before Michael gets home

I might make a big pan of brownies from time to time and let them enjoy a sucker from a gas station, but we kill our own meat and try to do as natural of fruits and veggies as we can on the daily. Contradiction? Maybe, but I try my best. Mainly, I just like to have FUN! Irresponsible? I don’t really know. But if so, then I guess I am

God LOVES me exactly how I am. I am in tune with Him and I figure any changes that need to be made He will make them in me because I ask Him to.

We often compare. We often feel guilty for things that do not really matter. And we often waste a lot of time trying to “fit” the Mother Role.

Don’t do that. Just fit into YOU. There is only one of you. You are unique and precious. Don’t hate other moms. That’s jealousy plain and simple. Don’t allow that into your heart. It will destroy you. Love them for them. And love you for you. God does

Love you, your fellow messy mom


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