Class A RV Renovation!! Remodel an old RV into Our Home on wheels!!

Let the Renovation BEGIN!! Join us as we remodel our Class A motorhome into a more modern HOME on wheels!! If your new Here HELLO!! We are Loftis Party of Six!! LPO6 for short!!

We are a Full-time RV family with 4 kids who in 2018 Sold Everything to be a Family who is together all the time!! Homeschooling our kids and going on amazing adventures and seeing incredible places!! We just sold our 1st RV set up which was a truck and 5th wheel (see video of why we switched here: ) to get our new RV set up with a Class A and Jeep Wrangler!

First things first as we search out the very best paint for our RV and we FOUND IT!! Its called Beyond Paint!! Its an ALL in ONE paint that primes, paints and seals!! And boy does it work!! This was our 1st experience with it and we have painted 2 previous houses and our previous RV and this was by far the best painting experience we’ve had!! We highly recommend Beyond Paint if you are doing any kind of renovation!!

Check them out!!

Another big challenge was how to make the kids all Be able to sleep in the back bedroom. We had lots of ideas but some just wouldn’t work. So I contacted a friend and neighbor Gary to see if he would help. He came and looked it over and we came up with a way to do it. Gary is hilarious as you can tell from this video. He also makes turkey calls and has won National recognition for his work! A HUGE thank you to Gary for his help on this project. Gary Herd Turkey Calls

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