Christian Mom Said Sh$t

Yep. I did. If you judge easily, stop reading here. Actually, keep reading.

This will be good for you.

I am a SAHM. I had wiped bums, snot and spilt juice all day. I had made 3 billion snacks. I had read bible stores and funny stories. I had played hard. I had cleaned and then given up on cleaning. It was bedtime. I was DONE. I was hangry. But I was still “Mom” and my babies had runny noses so I did what all Moms do and got on Pinterest  to see what Young Living Oils to diffuse in their room. Of course the whole time I was trying to think and search, I was interrupted 17 times for them to say things like “I tooted.”……”I picked up 3 toys and she just picked up 2 and that’s not fair.”……”Can I have a snack?” Anyways, once I finally found out what to diffuse and put the oil in the diffuser, I was bringing it into their room. I was feeling pretty good about the mother I was. Walked in there and “BOO!!!!” My son jumped out to scare me, causing me to spill the oil. “SHIT.” Bam. Said it. No taking it back. Immediately try to cover it up with a “you silly goose” and laugh it off. They rolled with it…..but we all heard it. Including my husband  What was wrong with me?!?! I don’t cuss!

Fail. Major fail. I felt worthless. I felt embarrassed. I felt sick. Here I work so hard to teach them what’s right. To let them see God in me. To show them that WORSHIP is a lifestyle. And I just ruined it all in one moment.

Or did I? The more I prayed, the more God talked back to me. I was asking Him to please not let them remember that moment…..that one stinkin moment,  when He said: “Baby girl, you are human. They need to know that. They need to know there is forgiveness. They need to know that being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re perfect. They need to see you have to ask forgiveness still. They need to see that life with Me is a journey. To be humble. To not beat yourself up. Because if they never see imperfection in you, then when they mess up they’ll think it’s over. They will quit thinking they could ever be the “Christian” you are so they might as well give up.”

You see, us Moms are so mean sometimes. To ourselves mostly. We don’t give ourselves room to be human. Girls, DONT get caught up in the “trap”. You know the one where you compare yourself to that one other Mom that is perfect?! God didn’t give your kids to her. He gave them to YOU. Why? Because they need YOU. They need YOUR love, YOUR nurturing, YOUR kisses, YOUR quirky little sayings.

The enemy wants us to compare. He wants us to dwell on what we do wrong instead of what we do right.

You see, the same day I dropped a four letter word, I also loved hard! We have great memories from that day. And if they remember that one bad moment, it’s okay! Golly, there was a time in my life that the word would have been a lot worse than that! I’ve come a long ways! I’m proud of that! They need to see that mom is real. She is human and sometimes she has a moment. And they need to see that God doesn’t get mad at her. He loves her. And she loves Him. She quickly sees her wrongs. She asks for forgiveness and help to overcome and MOVE ON FROM IT!

Being a Christian Mom doesn’t mean you play church and never yell at your kids. It doesn’t mean you have them in matching outfits daily and feed them full servings of fruits and veggies at every meal. It simply means that you are a Mom that is chasing Jesus with all of your heart. You ADORE JESUS! You acknowledge that you are NOTHING without Him! You loudly proclaim daily that He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is your constant. Chase Him! I promise they will follow. The Bible tells me so

So Momma, I guess I’m trying to say that everyone has there “fail moments”, but that is a moment in a whole day of victories! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Jesus loves you and your children adore you. There is only One Mom for them and God chose you. For a reason.

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