Blackberries and Jesus

I’ve never desire living anywhere besides the country. Being outside surrounded by nature is when I feel closest to God. It’s like standing smack dab in the center of His canvas…..

This year we have more blackberries than I have ever seen! I’ve picked almost every day and still can’t catch up. I couldn’t tell you how many we’ve picked, as many of them went directly to our mouths, Chason’s high chair tray and blackberry cobblers/pies. I’ve enjoyed the blackberries, but even more I’ve enjoyed the time with Jesus. He has been talking my ear off and gotten my attention in a beautiful way. I would love to share a few things that He allowed me to experience.

One REALLY long “mom day” I decided I wanted to pick ALONE when Michael got home from work  As I walked towards berries I prayed outloud “God I need a little sprinkle. Not a rain, just a little sprinkle from you. I miss you.” I hadn’t spent any time with Him that day, as I hadn’t had a moment alone.

I promise you not one minute went by and down came the softest, most refreshing sprinkle of rain. It didn’t last long and it was perfect. “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

One day while I was out I fell right into a big nasty thorn. Like, it stuck in my flesh and I had to pull it out. It HURT. Immediately I thought of Jesus. I thought of the “crown” (I don’t like that word when thinking of what he wore) of throns on His sweet head. The crown came after the beatings, the whips to his flesh, the mean words spoken to Him…and I cried. Do you ever just stop and think of that day? Did you know He would have went through it all just for any ONE of us? Man…

You know where the BEST berries are, right? They are smack dab in the middle of the briar. You have to pass through many thorns bushes. (Side note: don’t wear a “mom bun” while picking. Mine got ripped out while ducking under thorn bushes more than once. Not cool). You’re bound to get pricked but it’s worth it to get to the middle of that briar. That’s where the gold is at. Our path to heaven seems similar at times. We don’t get to glide into heaven. We are going to get pricked. We can see it, taste it, feel the joy it’ll bring. It’ll be worth it! It’ll be worth the pricks! But more often than not, we want to just sit after that first prick. We quit too soon.

The STINKIN bugs. If you see them you know there are good berries there. They know exactly which ones are sweet and juicy and they take over them. They can devour a berry so quick. They gang up on one berry. Same as the enemy…….He looks for those that are juicy with Jesus. He looks for the ones that are ripe and think they are “good”. Then he sends the attack. So many lessons can be taken from this, but what Jesus spoke to me was this: “Don’t wait for the bugs to devour. STOP THEM! When you see a friend under attack, GO! Help. Be real. Be there. Don’t watch and shake your head like you’re sad for them. It’s hipocrosy. Be like Jesus. Fight for them.”

Oh and my favorite, “The Reach”. This just happened today. I saw the biggest berry I’ve seen all summer. It was up high, which is unusual because most good ones are in the shade. I had to get it. Of all the hundreds of berries I just had to have that one. It looked so good! Ha! I’m obviously hungry! Anyways…I had to reach over the whole big bush to get it. I mean like, leaning into thorns and on tippy toes, but I got it! THE REACH. Jesus will reach for us! But not just the sweetest prettiest ones that will benefit him like the berry did me. No, he will reach for the dried up, ugly one that is infested with bugs (sin). He will reach and never stop reaching for that one. Oh, how He loves us…that is all

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