Best Spot for Yellowstone Sunrise & Buffalo or Bison??

Join us as we find the Best Spot in all of Yellowstone to watch the Sunrise. Then we head to Lamar Valley to hopefully see Wolves, Bears and of course Buffalo! Or is it Bison? My whole life I’ve called them Buffalo and that probably won’t change! In this vlog I explain the differences between a “Buffalo” and “Bison.” What do you call them? Let us know in the comments below!

Then we meet some amazing people in Yellowstone and share why we love RVing so much. Bob and Ann started talking with us and the next we know it Bob is sharing with us the little wooden Crossesh that he makes to give away. He wanted to give us one and told us how he makes them and then it sparked something in Grady and Bob inspired my son. So yeah we love meeting people because you never know who might just change your life!!


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