Beginner RV Mistakes..Part of the Journey? RV Life Lessons Learned the HARD WAY // Staying Positive

Well, today has been a day of Lessons Learned in this RV Life! We had our 1st Accident ALREADY in our 1st 2 days of RV living, along with making some other mistakes! However we realize this is just part part of the journey!! Mistakes are bound to happen, but learning how to deal or cope with those mistakes will determine how successfull this RV living will be for us! Realizing what’s most important and seeing the BIG PICTURE will give you a peace among the problems! Finding and Focusing on the blessings in your day instead of the problems is just how we managed to not want to throw in the towel! Hopefully this video will encourage you and make you laugh! Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and that’s what we hope to achieve and inspire others to do no make what their circumstances are!!

On this day I got in a hurry because I was about to run out of gas an made a Rookie Beginner mistake and was not paying attention and hit a pole in a parking lot! We learned a LOT this day!! Mostly how to deal with it!! We also made friends out of the whole ordeal which made the whole experience worth it!

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