Back at our Tiny Home on Wheels / Pulling the 5th wheel out of Storage / Fulltime RV Family

We are back to our Tiny Home on Wheels in Texas! We are so excited to be back to our home and start traveling on through Texas!! But first….As we try hooking up the 5th wheel several things go wrong from a dead battery, having to pull the generator out and put back in is not easy after being hooked up! I hook up and then realized I can’t close the door where the generator is in the basement, so I have to unhook everything to be able to close the door. Then I almost hit a pole trying to get the 5th wheel out of storage. After all that excitement we finally are on the road to a Corps of Engineers Park to stay a few days to get back to normal rv living. Hope y’all enjoy our vlogs!! Please hit subscribe and LIKE & leave us a comment! Thanks for watching!

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