Meet the Fam

“Its impossible” said pride. “Its risky”, said experience. “Its pointless” said reason. “Give it a try” whispered the HEART!


Mom, wife and Network Marketer

I was always the crazy one, so when Michael got this wild hair idea of selling everything we own – I was caught off guard. Well who’s is going to be the responsible one now?! Haha! Deep down I am a gypsy soul. I’ve always been. My biggest struggle in life has been refusing normalcy ? Having a partner that is willing to step into the unknown like this is THE most attractive and exciting thing that has ever happened to me!


Dad, husband, real estate and insurance broker and YouTuber

Brave. Solid. Willing.
It takes bravery to step completely out of the box. It takes extreme bravery to lead your family out of it. Even through the judgement and criticism that comes with being “different” Michael was SOLID. He knew that God told him to sell it all and go. Even though he didn’t have the answers as to why. He was Solid. Willing. Willing to look like a fool. Willing to take a risk. Willing to do it alone. Gosh I’d follow this man anywhere…


Adventure enthusiast, Imaginative Creator and YouTube “minor”

Grady reminds me so much of his Dad. He LOVES to learn! He could sit around with adults for hours and fit right in. He is a leader and amazing delegator. I suppose that comes with being the oldest sibling but we can’t wait to see what God does with that gift. He loves all things boy and the kid is going to eat us out of the house … or should I say RV ?


Tiny mother, Perfectionist and server

Layla – just typing her name literally makes my heart swell. The girl can make you crazy one minute and melt ya the next. She is LOVE. She doesn’t love anyone or do anything “so so”. She loves fiercely and does everything the BEST she can. She is a beautiful soul. Always so aware of other people’s feelings. We tease that she’d stand up for the underdog even if they were in the wrong. Having her as our girl is the best gift in the world.


Car guy, “Cheesy Smile” winner and lover boy

Chason is my lover boy. That is the only way to describe how that boy loves. He adores his Mommy pretty “extra” and I don’t mind a bit! He loves anything with a motor, his cousin and best friend Dawson and the color green. It’s beautiful watching him take on the “big brother” role. He’s amazing at it. He loves laughing and because of that he has brought much laughter to us.


The Baby of the Family

Gabriel brought JOY. He was a surprise and came right as this whole journey took off. He literally changed our lives. We all adore him and he knows it! He loves showing off, saying “cheese” and his siblings. So far he is very gifted at wrapping people around his finger – and that seems to be working well for him!

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